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Efficient and advanced machine tools to promote traditional

时间:2012-04-20 11:14

2004 China's production tool about 2.5 billion, of which 2 billion is a cheap low-end tool, most of the exports, the next few years exports remained essentially the middle and low tool.

In the U.S. market, the medium size of twist drill each price of about $ 10, while on the market production of low-end price of only $ 1 twist drill has been used for hand tools. China is now the first world-scale automotive industry, but the tool used by the automotive industry the efficient production lines introduced from abroad, 80% ~ 90% is still a domestic foreign-funded enterprises import tool containing products.

Tool production and supply and marketing in China, high-end advanced cutting tool products rely mainly on imports from abroad, and low-grade tool products vicious expansion of most of the exports, this situation must be changed as soon as possible. China's machinery manufacturing, extensive use of standard tools, while developed countries extensive use of high-efficiency advanced tool, which leads the processing efficiency is much lower than abroad.

Tool Factory in China, mainly to the mass production of the traditional standard tool. Machinery manufacturing technology development trend, the proportion of efficient CNC machine tools factory in China in the future will be increased year by year, the demand for efficient advanced tool will follow the rapid increase in the traditional standard tool requirements will be reduced year by year.