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Cylindrical grinder common Guchang grade

时间:2012-04-19 10:17

The first frame of dial belts are slippery when heavy loads Reason: on the right side cover (the first frame dial casing below ) backwater hole is too small, paint clogging backwater holes are not smooth due to backwater water.

Remedy: backwater hole to play, clear the obstruction of backwater hole.

The short life of the first frame of the dial bearing

Reason: the above reasons the stagnant water in the rotating belt into the sealed left end bearing area

Remedy: backwater hole to play, to clear the obstruction of backwater hole, removing stagnant water, increase in the bearing at the gasket.

The first frame larger vibration

Causes: dial pulley inside the hole and pulley groove concentricity.

Remedy: Replace the pulley.

Causes: motor machine balance accuracy is poor.

Exclusion Method 2: Tighten the motor mounting screws, if necessary, the whole dynamic balance to achieve double amplitude 8μm.

The first frame of the low speed high, are not suitable for large workpiece grinding

Causes: the design of structural limitations and special needs of users

Remedy: reduce the motor pulley diameter, low speed can reach 8 ~ 10rpm.

Head frame top is not easy hit

Reason: the top is not equipped with pressure nut.

Remedy: top with pressed out of nuts.

Spindle bearing clearance adjustment knob, adjust the corresponding non-scale

Causes: the design of structural constraints and user actions and unskilled.

Remedy: generally between centers grinding should spindle bearing clearance to "0"; need spindle circuitous turn the workpiece, the spindle bearing should be to adjust the gap, adjust the machine instructions regulations. The method quoted as follows:

Indicator dial indicator touches the front spindle surface grinding cylindrical eliminate the gap turning the adjustment knob, spindle back, and observe the indicator device dial indicator stop, indicating that the axial displacement of the end of the gap for "0". Then, grinding holes adjust the gap reverse turning the adjustment knob so that the spindle to move forward. Its mobile value is based on the bearing taper 1:20, such as the bearing clearance is adjusted to 0.005 ~ 0.015mm, the axial displacement is 0.10 ~ 0.30mm gap adjustment should rotate the spindle check for normal operation.