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Looking for the next 20 years, China Mechanical Engineering

时间:2012-04-19 10:51

Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society auspices of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering technology road map for how the 2030 China's machinery manufacturing technology independent innovation, leapfrogging development, support development, leading strategic roadmap for the future.

Mechanical Engineering Technology Roadmap "to predict the next 20 years of mechanical engineering technology development and outlook. Five mechanical engineering technology development trends and eight. The five trends are summarized as green, intelligent, gifted, integration and services. Eight technical issues condensed from the 11 technical areas of mechanical engineering, complex electromechanical systems, creativity, modeling, simulation, optimization design techniques, parts precision forming technology, large-scale structure forming technology, high-speed precision machining technology, micro-nano devices system (MEMS), intelligent manufacturing equipment, intelligent integrated transmission technology, digital factory. The breakthrough of these technologies will enhance the foundation for the development of China's major equipment, the key core technological innovation and major integrated innovation capability, enhance the international competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry as well as position in the international division of labor that will profoundly affect the future development of China's manufacturing industry