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The importance of EDM and CNC milling

时间:2012-04-19 15:48

EDM and CNC milling two processes is different, they select from the product structure and operations staff consider mold.

Such as milling, it is now broader than before. Feed rate, tool path is accurate and complex machining center so that the mold factory applications fast and a small amount of milling more cost-effective in many applications involving hard metal, the details of complex and smooth surface, milling replaced the EDM

EDM technology has also become more perfect.

Ohio, USA, Makino machining centers and EDM machines manufacturer has its own unique points of view between the EDM and milling. The billy Grobe is the mold business manager of the company, he often tells customers what kind of metal cutting process plays an important role for their production. He said that there is no clear distinction answer. But there are important principles to follow, listed below are some notes made as a summary of some common rules, Grobe stressed that the comparison here between the EDM and commonly referred to as milling. The contrary, this comparison is for between the EDM and the so-called "high performance" milling milling use, designed for complex, accurate, high-speed feed milling machine tools and control systems. With such constraints in mind, then where each process is often will play a role.

When using EDM

◆ For internal sharp corners.Grobe edge milling to achieve a perfect, otherwise the EDM process for the angles will remain the dominant position.

◆ For most complex shape.Especially when the cutter is difficult enough to complex surfaces, the EDM had its meaning.

◆ In the place that require the depth of cut.Particularly high aspect ratio (tool length / diameter), more specifically to avoid application of milling.

◆ unattended cutting.EDM is easier to automate the process, because more than milling can be expected. The robot to load the electrode and the workpiece, contain a complete EDM electrode manufacturing process can be all day and night operation, and almost no staff care.

◆ For high-tech parts in general, the programming time of the processing electrode shorter than the time of the milling metal structure. More complex processing applications, this difference becomes more apparent. Assume that only the EDM, the machining center work time required can be quite high, so that the EDM is the right choice.

◆ In the provisions for EDM finishing. EDM are now able to provide better surface quality than before. Progress is not just improve the graphite electrode surface finish, they also had a narrow heat-affected zone (HAZ). When the use of milling

◆ available any time you can use milling.Texture texture of the surface texture of the EDM to increase an additional progressive. EDM machining surface is different from the milling surface, usually required in the event of a texture to make polishing.

◆ When the workpiece is accessible. If the shape is open, and aspect ratio is small, with milling.

◆ provides an opportunity for the series of parts similar to the combination of the workpiece and the multi-slot tool to cut programming time spent, including the time spent in the metal structure of the solution of milling on the best way.

◆ can not have parts of the heat-affected zone can be used milling.

◆ high precision. Milling easier to control the tight tolerances. In EDM electrode machining, fixture replacement, and in the same parts with multiple electrodes will produce precision overlay. At the same time get a better surface finish, the EDM accuracy is reduced. Milling easier to control the tight tolerances. In EDM electrode machining, fixture replacement, as well as precision overlay multiple electrodes will have the same parts. The same time, when to be close to a better surface finish, the ED

◆ When the EDM operator is in short supply in many factories, personnel need to consider things will be better than technology-related things. The Grobe think in addition there are more things to consider. A very fundamental point is that the machine is open? In fact, EDM and milling, or any competitive process, the impact of the programming is another important factor to consider. Regardless of what kind of process, an accurate assessment of its effectiveness will only be produced in comprehensive consideration of this process, not just look at the machine. Only when the evaluation before the machine is running all steps to ensure that they are operating at maximum efficiency, the potential efficiency of the machine real measurement will produce

M accuracy dropped. Milling bring less deviation superimposed problem, not a good surface finish loss of accuracy.