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Centerless Polishing Machine

Centerless Polishing machine series,(peeler) developed by our company independently is mainly used for the skin processing of the round bar (pipe), long-round metal materials. Fast and efficient removal of decarburized layer, cracks and other defects of the bar material achieves high accuracy and roughness, especially the advantages for processing longer material is several to ten times of the usual workmanship. It applies to the production of light steel, silver steel, also be used for machinery manufacture and the production of vehicle, the bearings, spring , slender shaft, and by military enterprises and in the preparation process of other equipment manufacturing.

Centerless Polishing machine is divided into hydraulic semi-automatic and CNC series. The whole structure is applied to a combination of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and automatic control design with stable performance and reliable quality. Processing range is from Φ5mm to the Φ350mm, and a new processing section is under the development.

Hydraulic semi-automation is a combination of hydraulic and manual operation, economical and practical, loading and unloading can be achieved with electric operation, suitable for enterprise for the low request of automation.

CNC lathe with the multi-point control of PLC can achieve online electrical tool adjustment without stop, for example, the installation of the diameter gauge can be based on tiny changes in the diameter of the processed materials to achieve closed-loop adjusting tool online automatically so that the machining accuracy can be improved greatly. The control structure is by the mechanical, electrical, liquid combination to achieve high automatic degree,the entire unloading process is automatic control.

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