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XF-WXC30B type of centerless lathe
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The XF-WXC30B centerless lathe unit is self-developed and optimized semi-automatic products, referencing to the advantages of similar foreign and domestic products and combining with the production characteristics of the domestic enterprises. The features of this machine are: strong practicability, low price, stable processing, fast speed, high efficiency, good surface quality. The entire line of equipment is of semi-automatic control. Cardan shaft drive transfer case is more reliable. It is relatively suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

1、Material: titanium alloy, stainless steel (304,306,630), bearing steel, spring steel, alloy tool steel, carbon tool steel, high-speed tool steel, high quality carbon steel, alloy structural steel, non-quenched and tempered steel, easily cutting steel, valve steel, gear steel, die steel, and various non-ferrous metals, pipes and so on

2、Load bearing:≤5000Kg


Diameter range: Φ8-of Φ30

Diameter deviation:GB70286-2 groups of standards

Straightness:2 ‰


4 The finished product

Diameter range:Φ8-Φ30

Dimensional accuracy:≤ h11

Surface roughness Ra;≤ 3.2

Ellipticity:half of tolerance        

5、 The main technical parameters

Depth of cut:0.25-2mm

Cutter speed (CVT):800-1600r/min(3POS)

Feed speed (CVT):2-12m/min

The main motor power:22KW

The motor power for feed and extraction    1.5KW   2 sets

6、Energy medium parameters

Voltage:3X380V ± 10%

Frequency:50HZ ± 2% 

The installed capacity:50KW

Air flow:0.2m3/min

The coolant flow:200L/min

7、  The sale service: there is a problem with the device, upon receiving the notification within 24 hours to respond within 72 hours to arrive at the scene, repair. ( domestic, China ); unable to arrive at the scene of the circumstances, ( such as foreign ) give timely technical support; to ensure the training required. The operator is able to correctly using and maintenance of machine tool.