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Centerless lathe and straightening calendering machine in th

时间:2012-04-20 09:29

Centerless lathe and straightening pressure light automatic production line stripping of the long round slender shaft, rod, rods, plates round material, steel and other metal, precision straightening calender processing to produce high-precision high-quality light wood, metal, is the alternativetraditional cold drawing, pickling or alternative lathe turning and centerless (coarse) grinder combination process upgrading options. The advantages are as follows:

(1) comply with environmental requirements. Traditional drawing, wire drawing process, pickling, and serious environmental pollution, has been strictly limited production of the environmental protection department, China has in some areas expressly prohibit the use of pickling. At the same time each year to be paid and sewage charges increase year by year, has greatly increased the difficulty and cost of production, unintentional vehicle by turning the metal oxide layer removal will not result in any environmental pollution, in full compliance with the green, environmental protection requirements of the production cycle.

(2) meet the requirements of no cracks, no internal injuries. Traditional drawing, drawing can not be avoided due to their own process reasons of surface and internal cracks will cause the internal injuries of the workpiece, the workpiece defects elongated in a certain range, in line with the modern metal processing on high-strength, high precision and no internal injuries, high fatigue resistance. Drawing, the drawing process more advanced unintentional vehicle technology has long been replaced in Western developed countries. Specifically the need to export enterprises,due to the strict rules of the foreign product defects, and defects caused by the drawing process can easily lead to loss of trade, the use of unintentional vehicle turning process is imperative. (The restrictive provisions of the domestic large-scale projects such as theThree Gorges Dam fasteners tender, you must use a peeling material. Drawing materials in the primary and was shut out). undo your changes

(3) high efficiency, can significantly reduce costs and improve profits. Unintentional vehicle efficiency is very high, one minute can be processed 1-10 m of the bar, a person operating a centerless lathe can replace the ordinary lathe or coarse centerless grinding machine (a skilled labor to operate a lathe in 8 hours about processability Ф80mmX800mm the bar 40 m long, and unintentional vehicle according to the different amount of cutting eight hours about processability Ф80mm the bar 1000 - 4000 meters long; Centerless grinding unilateral thickness of 80 silk need to repeat the process three times, unintentional car once turning unilateral 150 wire thickness), the same amount of work a year less with dozens of workers and dozens of other equipment, centerless lathe can not only significantly improve production efficiency, but also significantly reduce labor and production costs, but also actually a substantial increase in the profits of the factory. Is because it has brought tangible benefits to the plant, the Division I the year 2009 in Jiangsu, wearing a southern sales of more than 60 devices.

(4) centerless lathe long bars (including the infinitely long circular disk) has a unique advantage. Ordinary lathe can only process a shorter bar processing long material the long bar repeatedly clamping the knife, and difficult to ensure that the processing bar concentricity and roundness, with a total taper. Centerless lathe no matter how long or continuous processing of the root of the bar due to a single knife can ensure high-precision machining of all the bars, due to the fundamentally different from ordinary lathe processing forms, so long material processing the drawbacks of ordinary lathe are fully improved.

(5)Centerless lathe car down the iron filings will be fully recycled, the unit price can be sold for at least half of the finished steel, which can greatly increase factory profits, while the powder after the centerless grinding machine grinding with diamond fragments have little recycling value.

(6) Straightening calendering machine instead of semi-fine grinding of the centerless grinding machine precision straightening calender, does not produce the powder waste, but also can improve production efficiency.

(7) Straightening calendering machine compared to traditional straightening machine (straightening / straightening machine) not only straightening speed (up to 10 meters per minute or more), high precision, and the surface of the bar to achieve similar plating the light effect.

(8) The wide range of applications. Process various metal materials: stainless steel, bearing steel, spring steel, tool steel, structural steel, alloy steel, non-quenched and tempered steel, free cutting steel, steam valve steel, gear steel and a variety of non-ferrous metals (such as: titanium, magnesium alloy, copper and aluminum). In the light axis, machinery manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, electrical instruments, bearings, springs manufacturing hydraulic and pneumatic components, light industrial machinery, steel, tools, oil, electricity, bridges, engineering machinery and other industries has been widely used (such as: Golling column roller shaft, rod, shaft, pins, light, screw, mandrels, drill pipe, slender bolts, cables, springs, tube, etc.).

I always adhere to the road to take the professional production, not only focus on product quality, and pay more attention to customer service. Division I has a dedicated R & D department and service team, by virtue of the professional strength of years of pressure in the centerless lathe and straightening-ray machines and strong technical R & D, Division I according to the different needs of customers to provide professional solutions in the ever-application of innovative technologies to introduce more advanced new products and also in accordance with the requirements of the old customers for their upgrading existing products. Division I professional service technicians to provide customers with a full range of technical services, and our after-sales service in the same industry is the best. With excellent quality, leading technology and professional quality services to the Division I products are exported to Russia, Taiwan and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. We strive to provide customers the highest quality, most professional service.

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