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Planetary abrasive belt grinding YM80SA
时间:2011-07-20 11:41

YM80S abrasive belt grinding unit is planetary abrasive belt grinding machine designed for polishing needs that require higher material surface roughness . Its main technical parameters and functions are as follows:

The machine spindle is hollow structure, the front-end is installed with belt plate, the belt plate have two symmetrically arranged electric motors which drive two pulleys respectively installed with abrasive belt. The entire mechanism revolves driven by main motor and the belt rotates in a high speed reaching the purpose of average grinding of round bar diameter . The material being processed makes axial movement driven by pinch device and the auxiliary wheel device and goes through the abrasive belt grinding spindle to complete the grinding. Under the control of detection point, two high-speed rotating belt are controlled to open and close by the two cylinders to achieve the purpose of different feed requirements. For processing materials of different diameters, positioning device on belt plate is designed which can easily adjust the grinding intensity.

The machine is characterized by: PLC control high degree automation, high practicality, stable processing, fast speed, high efficiency, good surface quality.

Main technical characteristics:

1、Material: titanium, stainless steel, bearing steel, spring steel, alloy tool steel, carbon tool steel, high-speed tool steel, high quality carbon steel, structural alloy steel, non-quenched and tempered steel, easily cutting steel, valve steel, gear steel, die steel, and various non-ferrous metals, pipes and so on. 

2、Equipment rack bearing: ≤3000Kg

3、Blank sizes:

   Diameter range:Φ30-Φ80

   Diameter deviation:≤±0.4mm

   Straightness: ≤2‰

   Surface roughness Ra:≤12.5μm


4、Finished Product

   Diameter range: Φ30-Φ80

   Grinding  amount : 0-50μm

   Surface roughness Ra:≤1.6μm


5、The technical parameters:

   Belt speed (CVT):20M/S

   Reel speed (CVT)::58r/min

   Feed rate (CVT) :≤1.5m/min

   Power of main motor:4kW

   Feed motor power: 3KW 2sets

   Sanding belt motor power: 3KW  2 SETS

   Roller motor power: 1.5KW     2 SETS

   Lift motor power: 1.5KW       2 SETS

    Reel motor: 2.2KW

   Dust Motor: 5.5KW 0.37KW

   Hydraulic motor: 1.5KW

6、Energy and the medium parameters

   Voltage: 3X380V±10%


   Installed capacity: 35KW

   Air flow: 0.5m3/min

7、After sale service: there is a problem with the device, upon receiving the notification within 24 hours to respond within 72 hours to arrive at the scene, repair. ( domestic, China ); unable to arrive at the scene of the circumstances, ( such as foreign ) give timely technical support; to ensure the training required. The operator is able to correctly using and maintenance of machine tool.

Details please click to download:belt grinder group parameters 

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