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Centerless lathe belt finish line unit 1
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The important uses of centerless lathe in the steel industry are mainly the following:

1. Compared with conventional process ( lengthening lathe plus center rack processing ), the efficiency of processing core rod by centerless lathe can be increased several times, so it can significantly reduce processing cost. Since steel tube core rod is one of the most important tools of MPM unit , the quality of core rod determines the geometric accuracy and apparent quality of holes in the steel tube . Core rod axial length is much longer than usual machining parts (from a few meters to tens of meters), conventional processing methods need a few days to 10 days to process a core rod. Through rough turning, finish turning and polishing process of centerless lathe and polishing machine, it only needs tens of minutes to complete. At the same time it can both ensure the dimensional accuracy of core rod and the quality of surface.

Centerless lathe adopts multi-cutter simultaneous cutting process, the sleeking part of cutter reaches to 5-20mm, thereby achieving a larger pass rate of centerless lathe. At the same time the contact area of centerless lathe tool part is several times larger than conventional lathe, and the tool works in full cooling conditions , which not only guarantees a large feeding rate, but also the durability of tool.

2. Centerless lathe can peel high temperature alloys, stainless steel, titanium and other materials. After peeling, it can remove the decarburized layer, cracks and surface defects, thus improving the pipe quality.

Centerless lathe machining has a wide range of processing with high efficiency and low cost. Its large-scale promotion of processing in China started in recent years and come into use only in a small number of large steel enterprises. With the continuous localization, sophistication and confirmation of larger use scope of the equipment, the process is no doubt an updated product for metallurgical finishing equipment, it will make a significant contribution to national economy development.